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JUNE 22, 2016 - Multi Lender Platform Press Release

Press Release - Multi Lender Consumer Financing Network

Press Release

Multi Lender Platform Press Release:

New Multi Lender Platform provides comprehensive options for companies offering consumer financing

For small businesses providing consumer financing, finding flexible, suitable options can be a challenge, and that’s why VIP Financing Solutions, LLC, has recently launched a brand new multi lender consumer financing network.

VIP Financing Solutions, LLC, works with companies to offer comprehensive financing options for their customers. Many such companies can only provide the backing of a single lender or bank, making the new multi lender consumer financing network from VIP Financing Solutions, LLC, a noteworthy and critical offering for small businesses.

For instance, a new furniture store or electronics store can struggle in today’s economy when it comes to offering consumer financing options. Without the availability of consumer financing, many customers will face obstacles purchasing from small businesses. Strong consumer financing is how small companies can bridge the gap between their products and world class customer experiences.

VIP Financing Solutions, LLC, launched their multi lender consumer financing platform on June 1, 2016, and small businesses in virtually any industry can now tap into the lending power and flexibility of more than 20 banks and lenders. According to the VIP Financing Solutions, LLC, team, their network offers the versatility to provide small businesses with consumer financing for great and bad credit alike. For businesses that want to offer their customers no credit needed options, the new multi lender consumer financing network makes flexible financing a possibility where few options have existed in today’s small business markets.


Press ReleaseThis Multi Lender Platform consumer financing platform also offers an exciting benefit for startup businesses. While many financing companies won’t offer consumer financing for new businesses, VIP Financing Solutions, LLC, will.

For small businesses, this consumer financing option can be informational. For instance, offering such dynamic consumer financing leads to higher sales volume and higher sales amounts. Since the multi lender consumer financing network offers a buffet of lending options, few customers are declined. For customers who can’t pay with a credit card or with cash, this kind of financing might be their only option. The bottom line, according to VIP Financing Solutions, LLC, is that companies offering the best financing options get the business.

Customers can finance amounts ranging from a few hundred dollars up to $30,000 and higher, and business owners, sales reps, and managers can process financing applications quickly through an easy-to-use online portal.

VIP Financing Solutions, LLC, is thrilled to announce their new Multi Lender Platform consumer financing network, a suitable solution for small businesses offering home furnishings, home improvement, musical instruments, sporting goods, appliances, and more who want to offer customer what they want – a flexible way to pay and take their goods home today.

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