Offer Financing to Customers

No Credit Needed Financing Options Available

VIP Financing Solutions understands business owners wear many hats and we want to make customer acquisition easier.

All financing options & payment plans are paid UP-FRONT to the merchant and include

  • Standard Financing – (long term financing).

  • Payment Plans – (short term financing).

  • No Credit Needed Financing.

Offering customer financing backed by no credit needed options is the quickest way to grow your business. Your customers can avoid the headaches of paperwork, get fast approvals and purchase your products and services immediately. No credit needed options are a backup plan for customers who are turned down due to poor or no credit.

Customers Benefits and Services

We Service MOST Business Types

Multiple Customer Financing Companies

Linked Together Under One Umbrella to Offer Financing for Customers
offer financing to customers

Over 60% of Americans cannot qualify for conventional store credit products. Our alternative financing system can turn those shoppers into buyers with effective long-term and short-term financing.

We coordinate with multiple lenders willing to work any consumer application. Don’t lose one more dollar of profit to larger companies that offer financing to customers, become one of them with our customer financing plans.

How Many Customers are you Losing
Because You Are Not Offering Financing?


  • Online system that quickly scans MULTIPLE consumer financing companies.

  • Get 24 hours, 7 days per week Online Credit Decisions within 6-10 seconds.

  • $100 – $35,000 Instant Financing.

  • Direct Deposit to your current Business Bank Account.

Peace of Mind

  • No Risk to your business / No Chargebacks.

  • Non-Predatory Financing and Payment Plans.

  • No check scanning machines needed.

  • No customer postdated checks.

  • Offer financing to customers through one secure system.

No Credit Needed Financing

New 2022 Technology Designed to Grow Businesses

  • No cost or risk to get started.

  • Multiple customer financing companies on one network.

  • Payment plans that pay the merchant up-front.

  • No credit needed financing.

  • Accept gift cards from other stores.

  • Inventory control software available.

  • Professional accounting software available.

  • Automated marketing, driving customers back to your business.

Use Any Internet Ready Device
WiFi or Mobile
Offer Financing to Customers
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