Contractor Financing

Contractor Financing

Contractor Financing

Contractor financing will allow homeowners without the appropriate funds to have home improvement work. If a homeowner does not have the money at the time, they can sign up to receive a credit card for your business, which they can only use with your business.

It works like any other store credit card; your client will ask for a service, which will go to their card. They can then pay down the debt over time. The options available for financing will allow you to customize this to fit your clients and interests.

The simplicity of the entire process will make this easier on you and the client, as well. We are a third party that manages everything, and we do not require any extra equipment or even any paper. Everything is wireless and online. Both you and your clients will enjoy the benefits of financing with the VIP Financing Solutions – Contractor Home Improvement Financing.

The Benefits

  • Standard financing down to a 500 credit score.
  • No credit needed financing options.
  • Short Term Payment Plans.
  • Offer promotions like 90 days, 6 months and 12 months same as cash.
  • Instant approvals.
  • Contractor is paid upfront on all financing and payment plan options.

Peace of Mind

  • No risk to your business and no charge-backs.
  • Non-predatory financing and payment plans.
Contractor Financing Options

How It Works

The use of customer financing for contractors is not that common, but it is an idea that is growing in popularity. General contractors deal with big budgets typically, but not all people who want home improvement services can afford this.

There are millions of people all over the country who would love to do some work but do not have the money to pay for the services. Even with regular saving, they may not have the necessary amount in a timely manner. Financing options will give them the chance to improve their home. Rather than paying for the entire bill upfront, they can pay portions of it over time. From this, you gain a new client and a client can have the work they have wanted for a while.

For you, getting started is easy. You do not have to purchase or borrow any equipment, and everything is wireless and paperless. Your business is contracting, not financing, so there is no reason to make matters complicated. Contractor home improvement financing is built as an easier way for you to bring in clients and receive payments, and that is exactly what you have. You have an affordable team here doing all of the work for you. We want businesses to stick to their roots, what they want to do.

You can approve people in seconds online, over the phone, or by fax, no matter the time of day. You can start to attract thousands more clients who want home improvement work but do not have the money on hand to afford it. Our home improvement loans for contractors will increase your income with minimal hassle.

It is just as easy for the clients. When people seek out your contractor financing, they can have results immediately. At the office or at their homes, you can sign your clients up for financing. They sign an eSignature and receive all information via email. It works similarly to major retailers’ store credit cards. You will have credit decisions within seconds and they can start using that credit card immediately. Thanks to the no credit options, contractor home improvement financing is available to nearly everyone.

Contractor Financing Features

Financing which only work with your business, can base approval on two things. The first is credit and the second is income and money in the bank. You can bring in the clients who have poor or no credit, but who are financially capable of paying down the debt. This greatly increases the number of people who can use your service.

Customization is a major part of why this is so successful for many businesses. You can choose credit or no credit, you can offer interest free financing promotions, and you can customize the marketing and work around your business. These are home improvement loans for contractors and they work specifically for contractors. While all types of businesses can utilize these credit cards, your system will work with you in mind. This increases the appeal and the chance of success.

Contractor Financing

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