Offer Photography Financing

The Benefits

  • Standard financing down to a 500 credit score.
  • No credit needed financing options.
  • Short Term Payment Plans.
  • Offer promotions like 90 days, 6 months and 12 months same as cash.
  • Instant approvals.
  • Merchant is paid upfront on all financing and payment plan options.

Peace of Mind

  • No risk to your business and no charge-backs.
  • Non-predatory financing and payment plans.


Photography Financing – VIP Financing Solution’s mission is to understand the nature of your business and your business goals. Every photography business has a different perspective to growth and profits, we provide you with personalized services that will suit your requirements.

All photography business’s big or small, need customers and we provide you with services that help you to acquire customers and build strong customer relations with them.

With so much competition around, photography businesses are often seen struggling with customer retention and attracting new customers.

Photography Financing
Photography Classes

Photography Financing Options 

As a photographer, you might have experienced many customers willing to take the service but are falling short of finances. Photography financing, is a way of not turning them way and making sure they stay with you rather than your competitor.

Also, it is not practicable for you to wait for payment as they might need you to host an event or a wedding right away.

Yes, it exists and many photographers use our services. Many other industries such as photography classes are using this to their advantage to retain customers.

Photography financing may not be very common or unheard of but it is definitely gaining popularity. As the field of photography is getting more and more advanced and creativity is limitless the photography profession is very lucrative.

Keeping this in mind, hiring a photographer might seem costly, but photography financing makes the decision easy. With VIP Financing Solutions, you can be sure we are looking out for your business and your customers. We offer photography financing to customers who are eligible, allowing them to schedule a photo shoots or events immediately.

Happy client’s equal referrals and great reviews!

Photography Financing

So, how does it work?

Using photography financing, get instant approvals from any internet ready device such as computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets. Simply enter your clients credit information into a secured portal and click submit. Within 6-10 seconds you’ll have a credit decision. You’ll be paid within 24-48 hours from that point.

With standard financing, clients can be instantly approved up to $10,000 and if No Credit Needed Financing is required, it can only be issued up to $5,000.

Photography Financing

As a business, you can train your employee’s so they are able to identify you’re customer need when they need financing. Once they have established this they can initiate this process in the store itself.

This can be done in three ways:

  • This means you can offer your customer a payment plan.
  • If the package is larger and with higher prices, offer financing up to 36 months.

Types of Photography Accepted

  • Portrait Photography.
  • Maternity Family Photoshoot.
  • Boudoir Photography.

Are you offering Photography Classes?

Photography Classes

Use your Photography Financing to Finance Photography Classes

Students attending photography classes can be financed up-to $35,000 instantly. Help more students realize their dreams of becoming a professional photographer.

Student can also finance new camera equipment giving them the tools they need to learn the latest technology in photography. Offering photography classes is a great way to grow your business.


Branding and promotion programs consist of driving repeat customers back to your business and accepting gift cards from other stores. With offering this kind of photography financing programs, you will be getting a great number of leads that will most likely convert into satisfied customers.

  • Let our marketing team drive more customer to your services.
  • Setup online shopping cart with financing checkout options.
  • Included signage.
  • No machines to buy or lease.

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