Pet Store Financing

Pet Store Financing for Small Business

Pet Financing Benefits:

  • Easy Financing down to a 600-credit score.
  • Automatically Backed by Alternative Financing
  • Offer 0% Promotions like 90-Days, 6 and 12 months same as cash.
  • No monthly fees or monthly minimums.
  • No Contracts to Sign.
  • Instant Approvals from any Internet Ready Device.
  • 24 hours / 7 days a week approval’s.
  • Customers receive a Store Credit Card with your Company Name and Logo.
  • You get paid SAME-DAY.
  • VIP Financing Solutions – Consumer financing network.
  • No machines to buy or lease.

You already know that one of the best ways to grow the bottom line of your pet store is through up-sells. The problem is that many stores are limited in how much they can up-sell by their customers’ access to credit. VIP Financing Solutions partners with stores like yours to help extend pet store financing and to improve your bottom line, all without requiring you to buy or lease expensive machines.

Pet Store Financing
Pet Store Financing

Getting Paid to be Your Customer’s Hero

How many times have you seen a customer heartbroken because the pet or accessories they wanted was just out of the means? Not only is this scenario emotionally upsetting, but it also affects your bottom line. Normally, that’s one sale that you wouldn’t get. But, with pet store financing you have the chance to not only be your customer’s hero, but you also increase your profits.

We offer several pet financing products that will help you add more value while also improving your cash flow. Depending on your needs you can extend customers alternative financing or easy standard financing. Our process is fast and requires no paperwork. This means that customers applying for pet financing won’t hold up your line, and that even customers with low credit scores stand an excellent chance of getting financing.

Your customers can get a credit decision in as little as 6-10 seconds, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your customers can instantly buy your products and services. This makes it easier for you to further up-sell and increase your average customer value.

Pet Store Financing Options that Grows with Your Business

Imagine being able to offer same-as-cash promotions for 90-days, six-months, or even one-year, just like the big box stores. Imagine being able to offer a custom branded store credit card. At VIP Financing Solutions these are just some of the programs we offer owners of pet stores.
We know that in a retail world of razor-thin margins, every sale is critical to your success. That is why our proprietary, patented software and system is designed to get credit approvals. Our goal is to partner with you to increase your sales. We scan multiple financing sources for your customer. Unlike some providers, our partners receive the money for credit transactions in as little as 48 hours.

There is no long-term commitment to work with us. Unlike other pet financing options there is no risk to you of customer charge backs. You don’t need to change your current merchant processing account. The only equipment you need to take advantage of this offer is a computer or tablet.

Because there is no long-term commitment you are able to start small and increase the offerings you take advantage of as you become more comfortable with our business model and as your profits increase. Pet Store Financing is how you’ll grow your business.

Pet Store Financing
Pet Store Financing

Giving Your Pet Store a Competitive Edge

In today’s marketplace you aren’t just competing with the pet store across town, or even the big box store down the street. You are competing against online pet and pet accessory retailers all over the world.

We want to give you a competitive edge. With the VIP Financing Solutions products, you will be able to offer your customers the same, or better, access to financing as anyone else in the world. This includes being able to offer financing for online purchases.

You didn’t decide to own and run a pet store because you loved worrying about paying your bills or the best ways to handle customer financing. Let us take care of the customer financing so you can get back to what you do best, helping your customers find the perfect pet, all while you enjoy increased profits.