Mattress Financing

Mattress Financing
for Small Businesses

No Setup Fee - $0 to Get Started

The Benefits

  • Easy Financing down to a 600-credit score.
  • Mattress Financing, automatically backed by No Credit Needed Financing - If the customer is turned down due to poor credit, the system automatically switches to No Credit Needed Financing.
  • Offer 0% Promotions like 90-Days same as cash.
  • Instant Approvals from any Internet Ready Device.
  • 24 hours / 7 days a week approval’s.
  • Customers receive an Mattress Store Credit Card with your Company Name and Logo.
  • You get paid SAME-DAY.

Peace of Mind

  • No Risk to your business/No Charge-Backs
  • Non-Predatory Loans and Payment Plans
Mattress Financing

Every month you are under enormous pressure to meet your sales numbers. Others may not know it, but you understand that mattress and bedding is one of the most competitive segments of the retail industry. This high level of competition decreases your margins and puts even more pressure on you and your employees to close sales and up-sell customers. However, there is a way you can gain a competitive advantage and make your customers happier.

Why Mattress Financing?

Cloud Based Software​

Access from Anywhere
– On Any Device –

Mattress Consumer Financing
Mattress Consumer Financing

Increase Revenues and Improve Customer Satisfaction

If you want to increase your revenues you either have to get more customers in the door or find a way to get your customers to spend more. You are already doing everything you can to get more people into your store, and many of your customers just don’t have the budget to spend more money on your up-sells. VIP Financing Solutions can help you by giving your customers access to more money, through mattress financing, backed by no credit needed financing.

Offering mattress financing, backed by no credit needed financing, it’s perfect for customers who are credit challenged. We have industry leading high approval rates. Your customers will feel like you are helping them out and they will have more money to spend in your store. Merchants with access to mattress consumer financing, backed by alternative financing options find that their average transaction amounts increase, and their level of customer satisfaction improves.

The Fast and Easy Way to Extend Consumer Financing

You have a lot of choices when it comes to mattress store financing bad credit, backed by Alternative Financing. VIP Financing Solutions is committed to making things as fast, easy, and cost effective for you as possible. There is no expensive equipment to rent. All you need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone. There are no long-term contracts.

All your customers will need to do is to fill out a short application on our secure, cloud-based platform. Most applicants get a decision in as little as 12 seconds. Our financing system won’t cause delays in your lines or disappointed customers. 

We scan hundreds of different financing options for each application. This allows us to have a high rate of credit approvals for your customers. We also make sure you get your money within 48 hours of the transaction. Because we are working with reputable third-party financing options, you are no risk for customer charge-backs.

Mattress Financing

Mattress Consumer Financing will GROW your Business

Mattress Financing

We Grow with Your Business

VIP Financing Solutions offers all of its merchants a menu of different options. Because there is no long-term commitment, you can pick and choose which options work best for your business. You can even change your mind each month. As your business grows and flourishes, you have the chance to take advantage of even more tools to accelerate your growth even further.

Our options are geared towards giving you a competitive advantage in the mattress and bedding industry. For example, you can special promotions like the big box retailers such as 0% financing for 90 days, or even same as cash purchases for 6 months, or even 12 months.

You can also offer your customers a credit card, branded for your store. This increases customer loyalty and the lifetime value of your customers.

We know that you wear a lot of different hats. Our mission is help you make more money and have more time. We handle the complex mattress financing transactions, leaving you with more time to manage your store and focus on making your customers happy.

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