Dental Financing for Bad Credit

Dental Financing
for Bad Credit

No Setup Fee - $0 to Get Started

The Benefits

  • Easy Financing down to a 550-credit score
  • Dental Patient Financing, automatically backed by Alternative Financing - If the customer is turned down due to poor credit, the system automatically switches to Alternative Financing.
  • Offer 0% Promotions like 90-Days same as cash
  • Instant Approvals from any Internet Ready Device
  • 24 hours / 7 days a week approval’s

Peace of Mind

  • No Risk to your business/No Charge-Backs
  • Non-Predatory Loans and Payment Plans
Dental Patient Financing

A large portion of Americans are either under-insured or uninsured when it comes to dental insurance. For a dental practice, this means that there is an inability to provide care to people who truly need it, not only that, but a smaller market in general means less business. To start building your dental practice and helping a wider variety of people, you can begin using dental financing with alternative financing. Dental financing is an effective way to get more people through your door who would otherwise not use your services. You still receive the money that you need to perform the services, but the patients will have a financing option instead of relying on insurance or taking on the whole cost at once. People can afford to use your services, you will have more cash flow, and you will have the ability to grow your practice with the VIP Financing Solutions – Patient financing network.

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Dental Patient Financing
Dental Financing for Bad Credit

Dental patient financing is not a new idea. Due to the financial struggle many Americans face, having the ability to pay for such a necessary service is imperative. People like the idea of financing because it gives them access to the services they need without worrying about a nearly unmanageable cost. It works well, too. People all over the country use dental patient financing as a way to visit a dental office without the normal price attached. They still pay in full, but in a manner, that they can handle.

This means that dental offices get more traffic. A dental office can expand the number of people who visit and receive dental services. This means that more money is flowing in, there is greater satisfaction, and there is loyalty to your office. People love having access to the affordability and accessibility that only financing can offer. For a small dental practice trying to succeed, making dental patient financing an easier task is a big thing. You have people going to you who would otherwise skip out on dental care entirely. You can begin to grow and succeed.

When you have dental financing available, you can offer it in a way that works with the patient. Part of bad credit dental financing is the ability to finance based on income. If you would like to base the financing on their income rather than their credit, you can look at bank account and pay. This gives you an idea of what the individual can afford, and it will help you when setting up their financing. Dental patient financing does open the door to many, many more potential patients than what you would have had before.

Standard financing is available, as well. This is an option that will suit a wide variety of dental offices as it is your basic financing setup. You can still provide financing to a large number of people, but it is different from bad credit financing or other systems available. It works equally well, though. It is a different way to finance the services, but the quality, reliability, and usability of the financing remain the same throughout. If you would prefer a standard financing option for your patients, you can.

Dental financing promotions are possible. If you would like to use it as a way to appeal to people, and to get them to go to you, there are ways you can. The ability to set up promotions gives you control over how you market yourself to patients or approach the financing.

Dental Financing for Bad Credit

Dental Patient Financing has Major Benefits

Dental Patient Financing

Dental patient financing care takes little time. Whether you choose standard or credit challenged dental financing, you can have an answer almost immediately. You will have the chance to get accepted patients set up with their services and you can begin focusing on the work. You will not have patients waiting days or months to get the necessary dental services. There are no long lines or issues with the process affecting patient satisfaction.

Offering dental patient, financing is not difficult whatsoever. Dental practices across the nation do it because setting it up takes little time and the benefits far outweigh the risks and investment. It is wireless and requires no purchased or leased equipment. It is something any dental office can begin using in little time. After getting everything set up, you can go through the process of financing dental services for your patients, and you can see an increase in patients and patient satisfaction. You will have the ability to start now.

You can implement dental financing in your dental practice immediately. It is available to all dental practices and, for small ones, will help immensely with growth and success. The accessibility and the simplicity of it allow you and your patients to benefit greatly. You can give your patients financing in a short period of time, you can set this up in a way that works for your business, and you can begin growing and profiting more.

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