March 30,2021 – Jewelry Store Financing For many, jewelry is the investment of a lifetime. High-quality fine jewelry is more likely to look better and last longer than costume jewelry or pieces made with lower quality materials. Precious metals and jewels are expensive on their own, and when you consider the expertise required to create beautiful jewelry, the high price of fine jewelry makes sense. Purchasing fine jewelry is not limited to only those who can afford to do so up front, however. Jewelry store financing makes it possible for people to purchase the jewelry of their dreams on credit, often through cash installments or other financing options. When people have an increased ability to make expensive purchases responsibly and realistically, they benefit from getting the products they want on their own payment terms. Jewelry stores benefit as well, as they gain access to a wider breadth of customers. Read on to learn why consumer financing might be just what you need to grow your jewelry store.

Grow your Business with Jewelry Store Financing

No Risk to the Business Owners

Business owners taking advantage of jewelry store financing will face no risk to their business and no chargebacks. There is also no cost for business owners to get started, meaning that business owners really do not have anything to lose but have many satisfied new customers to gain.

Customers Can Purchase More, Allowing Business Owners to Earn More

Standard jewelry store financing loans allow consumers to finance up to $15,000. Whereas a customer who does not opt for consumer financing will only have a limited budget to work with when they shop for jewelry, a customer’s budget might double, triple, or more when they take advantage of financing options. Customers generally love the freedom to purchase the jewelry they are interested in that consumer financing provides. Because most jewelry purchases are intended to last a lifetime, it makes sense that the funding for such a large purchase might be broken down into smaller, more affordable, and more manageable payments.

Consumer Financing Is Convenient, Making for Happy Customers

There are many qualities of jewelry store financing that are very convenient for both customers and businesses. First, consumer financing credit decisions are instantaneous, allowing customers to understand their financing options in real time without having inaccurate or unrealistic expectations as they shop. Credit applications can be submitted via any internet-ready device such as smartphones, tablets, or computers, allowing customers to submit for financing before coming in to buy jewelry or even in the moment. Significantly, a low credit score does not automatically foreclose a customer from gaining access to consumer financing. Many merchants can finance all credit levels, including no credit needed options for credit challenged customers. For customers looking to build their credit while making an important investment, these kinds of financing options are an absolute game-changer. An increase in the number of happy customers is just one reason out of many that jewelry store financing for merchants is a great option to consider.

Consumer Financing Allows for Endless Marketing Promotional Opportunities

An unexpected benefit of jewelry store financing is the vast array of marketing opportunities that it can inspire. Businesses can use offers for interest-free promotions to their advantage, changing them up to cover financing periods of 90 days, 6 months,12 months, and 18-months same as cash. Savvy jewelry businesses will look to the time of year that fine jewelry is at its highest demand, for example around the holidays or during peak marriage proposal periods, and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly.

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